Answer Key All Papers UGC NETJRF 29 Dec 2013 Exam

 Answer Key All Papers UGC NETJRF 29 Dec 2013 Exam

Paper I Answer Key code W X Y Z UGC NET 29 Dec 2013

The UGC which is also known as University Grants Commission the Controlling  Body which organised the Exam of UGC NET JRF  December 2013 for the NET or National Eligibility Test and JRF or Junior Research Fellowship has successfully conducted the Paper I or the Common Paper of all the Candidates . The Paper was bit tougher than the June Examination of JRF as felt by the Candidates

The Analysis 

. The question in today’s paper were bit Tricky with specially a twist in the questions of  Reasoning and Mathematics question where as Questions based on Computer Knowledge and Internet Technology Awareness Program was so – so with the Level of Difficulty being moderate in the UGC NET 29 Dec 2013 Paper I.

The Test Booklet contained sixty questions in All and a Candidate has to Attempt fifty  Questions . As per the guidelines of the UGC  only the First Fifty Question will be evaluated if in Case the Candidates attempt more than fifty questions thus Candidates were Advised time and again about the Same so that they may answer the Correct Question in that Order .

Download Keys Now 

The Key UGC NETJRF 29 Dec 2013 Exam Paper I is as Followed :

OnlineResultIndia is keeping a Vigil on the Official Website of the UGC NET and will intiate the details to the Candidates as and when it is being Published by the Commission. However  our Team of Experts will Solve the Question paper of UGC NET 29 Dec 2013 Paper I and the Keys will be  Published by our Experts Accordingly  :

The Keys for Almost All Sets will be Available by Late Evening  at so stay Tuned to OnlineResultIndia

The Keys Are Out

Hello All

The Keys  are Out . This  time we tried our BEST but we were not able to get the Common Paper with all the Subject Codes .

Thus I am writing the Start Phrase of the Question and rest group of Candidates can match their Response accordingly .Questions are same only their Order has been Reshuffled .

The Paper code is  X   and the Paper Which I got had another code of  D 00 13 

 Q 1  – B   Post Industrial

Q2 – B    Internet Application

Q 3- A    Internal Communication

Q4- C     Virtual Reality

Q 5 –B   Virtual University

Q 6 – None of the Options are CORRECT because the Hierarchy will be as Shown

Ascending Order   II , I , IV , III

Descending Order – III , IV , I , II

This Question Referred to the Books

Q 7 –C   Desertification

Q 8 – C  Woman closer to Nature

Q9 – C  Tropical Forest

Q 10 – B  Man- Environment

Q 11 –B  Carbon Mono-oxide

Q 12  – B  Fuel Cell

Q 13 –B   Council

Q 14 – C   NAAC

Q 15 – B  Supreme Court

Q 16 –C   Correct  Stmt  Note – Earlier Delhi was UT but became State ,Statement 3 and 4 Clearly Indicate Chandigarh a UT ,Capital of Punjab and Haryana  and it also has a High Court Namely Punjab and Haryana  High Court

Q17 – D   CIC

Q 18 – A   Election

Q19 – B  Code

Q 20- D  Apple

Q21 –D   Relationship

Q 22 – C  Series

Q 23 – A  Mean

Q 24-C    Age

Q 25-D     Social Network

Q26 – B    Population Information

Note – From  Q 27 -32  the Paragraph Based Questions are Attempted

Q 27 –C

Q28- B

Q 29-C

Q 30-B

Q 31-B

Q 32-D

Q 33- C  Lecture

Q 34- C  Effective Teaching

Q 35 – A   Meaning of Learning

Q 36 – D   Sequence order

Q 37 – C    CIET

Q 38-B   Teacher Role

Q 39- A    Verstehen School

Q 40 –  C    Sequence

Q41 – D   Lottery

Q 42- D    Objective of Research

Q 43-A    Sampling Error

Q 44 –D   Fundamental

Q45-  B   Audience

Q 46-D   Class room

Q 47 – B  Ideological

Q 48 – C   Myth

Q 49- C   News Agency

Q 50-  D    Organization

Q 51- A     Subject ,Predicate

Q 52 – C   Language Spoken

Q 53- C     Stipulative

Q  54-C    Argument

Q 55- A   Saturn

Q 56 – C   Premise and Codes

Note – From Q 57-Q60   A Table was given and some based Question on Foreign Tourist Arrival



Q 59-A

Q 60-A

The Candidates are Advised to go through the Answer Key thoroughly as due care has been taken by them but still the Possibility of Slight Human error cannot be ruled out .

Note -Please Upload the Common Paper of Other Codes at Our Facebook Page – OnlineResultIndia .  We Will Provide the Key with in a Short Span of Time .The Individual who Uploads the Paper First will be Reimbursed Accordingly 

Thanks All Once Again


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